Have you ever experienced something in your life that took so much of your mental energy that you were no longer productive? Maybe you and your significant other from high school just broke up, or there are issues at home with your family Maybe one of your classes is really a struggle and it is taking so much time and effort that everything else is being neglected?

Trust me when I say that you are not alone in these experiences. It can feel like the one thing that is going wrong in your life is the only thing you can focus on. It feels as if this one problem would go away, your life would be more manageable if not enjoyable! What if I told you that there was one thing that you could do in those moments to help you to reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression, or confusion that may spike with things feel dreary?

I introduce to you, the 5 finger rule. The instant that you start to spiral into negative thoughts about whatever may be tugging at you I want you to put out your hand. Yes! Actually put out your hand with your 5 fingers outstretched in front of you like you are admiring your fingernails. Then, out loud if possible (this works best), I want you to say 5 good things, or 5 things that you have accomplished in the day.

Depending on the day you may think of things like making your bed, or even getting out of bed, and that’s good because we all have those days when even those task are a struggle. If you are struggling to complete the 5 things, I want you to think of task that you can complete before the end of the day that would aid in making you feel accomplished. Then do it! Get started on those task and revisit your list before you go to bed.

Did you give this a try? How did it work for you? Let us know in the comments, and remember if you are struggling with motivation for school or lack of productivity, coaching may be a big help. Contact us for a free consultation call today!

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