Your Student will not Graduate College without this!

Regardless how much your student studies, or what you paid for tutoring, your student will never graduate without this skill. Having proficiency in this skill leads to better academic performance. A student who feels fulfilled and ready to take on the world. This skill takes time to develop and can be the wild card in student success.

To begin, when I work with students one of the first things that we focus on is self-motivation. Frequently, students will tell me and their families the symptoms of low self-motivation. Low self-motivation is rarely named initially. This causes everyone to focus on the symptom and not the actual problem.

The problem

K-12 provides the opportunity for students to learn a number of co-academic skills. However, it is incredibly easy for self-motivation to fall between the cracks due to the amount of support provided. In many grade schools, teachers are evaluated based on the academic performance of their students. This is not the case in college. Higher education demands self-motivation in order for success to occur, as does life.

Your student needs to know how to motivate themselves when they are in the library at 3 A.M. studying for an exam. Otherwise, they will never be able to graduate college. The reality of it is, no matter how much you can want them to graduate college, or take up the family business, or even just get a job, there is one truth. If your student does not want to do something, it will not get done.

The solution

There are ways to figure out what drives your student. There are strategies to teach them how to motivate themselves towards any goal. Working with a student success coach can make this transition a smoother one for families and students. For families who choose to go through this process on their own, here is my one tip- Let your student surprise you. Throw out all of your expectations of who your student should be and what they should be able to do and accept them for where they are. Celebrate the things that they determine are accomplishments, and you will see the student you want to see in them.

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