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The Diary of A College Grad is your road map success in college. Your first year of college should be an amazing experience. It can also be a blur of contradictory advice, do’s and don’ts, and massive confusion.

The sudden change of lifestyle from high school to college is tough enough, why add more stress? This simple workbook is a tailored solution to getting you in the mindset for success. This workbook is all about empowering you to have the experience you want in college. This book is perfect for all types of students (online student, commuter, or first-generation student, etc.)

Work at your own pace and create a lasting memory of your accomplishments in your freshman year of college. Use this workbook to determine what you want to get out of YOUR college experience and filter through all of the advice of what you should do and shouldn’t be doing. Your first year of college does not have to be stressful, get in the success mindset with The Diary of A College Grad today!